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Help (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I bid?

For those that have the Midland Rotary Auction booklet from the Mirror and would prefer not to use the website, telephone bidding is available on February 16th between 6:30pm and 9pm.  Just call 705-527-1121 and we'll post the bid for you.  Keep in mind that this is less effective than being on the website.

Otherwise, visit the online site at starting February 2nd, 2017.

Register yourself as a bidder by clicking the REGISTER link at the top of the site.  Fill out your information and submit.  You'll receive an email with a link to confirm your registration.

If you're not already logged in, click the LOGIN link at the top of the site to log in.  Then click on Categories of interest from the main menu and browse through items.  The site will let you see your bid and your rivals' bids and will allow you to continue bidding as long as there is a rival bid that you want to beat. It is simple and fun.

Bidding closes in half hour blocks between 7pm and 9pm on February 16th, 2017.  When you win the bidding, the site will email you and explain how to retrieve and pay for your item.

Why should I bid?

  1. This is where the action is going to be! You need to review all the items that you are interested in and then begin to bid strategically. If you start too low, you have just wasted energy and your opponents will not think you serious. We have told you what the retail value is.
  2. Dependent on the demand for a given item, you may get a really great deal!
  3. Remember, when you are bidding, it is not just for an item, but you are benefiting projects and initiatives in our community.
  4. Businesses and community members have donated all of these items in an effort to raise funds for our community.  Please return the favour by bidding on their items and supporting their establishments.

How much do I bid?

  1. You can bid any dollar amount provided it is higher than or equal to the current Minimum Bid shown.  Bidding higher than the Minimum Bid will save time and express your desire for the item.
  2. There is NO HST added to the amount you bid.
  3. Don’t be afraid to bid more than the Value shown. Even if you bid $5 or $10 more than the fair market value of the item, you know that your payment will be going towards the charitable work of the Midland Rotary Club. Look at it as an unofficial donation.

When do I bid?

  1. The Auction web site opens on February 2nd. You can start bidding on that day online.
  2. The closing night for all items is Thursday, February 16th, 2017.
  3. Items are assigned to blocks that will close every half hour from 7pm till 9pm on February 16th with the following schedule:
    1. 7:00pm: Block 1 items close
    2. 7:30pm: Block 2 items close
    3. 8:00pm: Block 3 items close
    4. 8:30pm: Block 4 items close
    5. 9:00pm: Block 5 items close

Get involved by bidding early!

Successful Bidders

  1. At the close of a block in the auction, all items for that block that have not had bids within two minutes will be closed. All other items will close when they have had no activity for two minutes.  No bids are allowed once the item has closed.
  2. The successful bidders will be notified by e-mail and given instruction about payment and pickup.

What to do when you win the bid?

  1. Within five minutes following the close of bidding for a block of items, successful bidders will be notified by email.
  2. Successful bidders will be able to pick up their merchandise at the “Rotary Auction Pickup Point” at Tripp's Paint & Decorating Shoppe, 259 King St in Midland.
    The “Rotary Auction Pickup Point” will be open for pickups at the following times:
    1. Friday February 17th 9am to 5pm
    2. Saturday February 18th 9am to 1pm
    3. Tuesday February 21st 9am to 5pm
  3. Any successful bidders who have not picked up their item by 5pm on Tuesday, February 21st may lose their opportunity to receive their item. At the “Pickup Point” you will receive your item or a voucher to present to the merchant or citizen who has donated the item on which you were the successful bidder.
  4. If payment was completed online using a credit card or PayPal account, you must bring a printed receipt as proof of purchase.  Otherwise payment by credit card or cash will be accepted at time of pickup.

Can rotarians bid?

  1. Yes, Rotarians and their spouses can participate.
  2. Rotarians may submit bids online at any time. All online bidders have equal access at

How do I get involved?

  1. The Rotary Auction is a community service of the Rotary Club of Midland. You get involved by bidding on the items offered.
  2. Help us advertise the items in the Auction by visiting our Facebook page and sharing posts about items.  For even more impact, you can pay to Boost your shared posts for better exposure in our community.
  3. In future years, you may wish to become involved by donating merchandise to the auction. Contact any Rotarian.